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Young dove hunters from Chile

On September 12th a group of hunters from El Temuco, Southern Chile, visited El Cortijo. This group included two fathers, Patricio Conus and Guido Zirotti, with their two sons, Pedro Conus and Gianfranco Zirotti. It was their first time traveling to Argentina to hunt doves.

As Gianfranco was only 15 and Pedro, 11, we gave each of them specifically designed Beretta Shotguns, of 20 gauges, suitable for the younger ones. It was a huge surprise for them when both hunters made it into our chart of 1,000 doves killed in one day! On the first day of hunting doves in El Cortijo, Pedro shot 1092 birds and Gianfranco 1029. The next day they surpassed their earlier record, shooting 1125 birds and each.

These young dove hunters proved to be excellent shooters, while showing their enthusiasm and love for the game. It is not at all very common to see hunters at such an early age with that kind of accuracy as well as the high-volume of shots they were able to make in just one day.

As it was expected, their father’s also entered the club of 1,000 doves in a day. Guido struck 1374 doves and Patricio, a total of 1461. The four hunters achieved corresponding medals and congratulations from all the staff of El Cortijo.

We hope to welcome them back again next year and they will probably surprise us again with their hunting skills.

Hunting doves in Argentina

Hunting doves in Argentina

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On 16 September, 2014

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