Duck hunting

  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck hunting in Argentina
  • Duck Hunting Argentina

At SYC Sporting Outfitters, consistent shooting, generous duck limits, and 5-star lodging, dining and service all come together to provide an Argentina duck hunt that’s second to none.

Duck hunting in Argentina is a trip every waterfowler should add to their bucket list—to take now rather than later. First, the sheer number of ducks in Argentina absolutely boggles the mind! Add to this the fine cuisine, exceptional wines, and the always cordial staff at SYC, and you can expect an outstanding experience that draws hunters from every corner of the wingshooting community.

The best duck hunting season runs May to mid-August, allowing hunters from the Northern Hemisphere a welcome escape from summer heat, while enjoying unbeatable hunts, beautiful landscapes and mild temperatures.

While some outfitters are able to provide hunters with just a few ducks at certain times of the year, our goal is to make duck hunting in Argentina a memorable, enjoyable, and incredible outdoor experience for you. So we go the extra mile to ensure a thrilling and beautiful hunt…

  • Our duck hunting blinds are built by our own guides, using natural reeds and bushes from the area.
  • Every blind is located strategically to take advantage of the wind, so ducks are decoying “in your face”.
  • Hunting hours run from sunrise until approximately 09:00 A.M., or until the hunter reaches his limit (this is usually the case).

Ducks species hunted are: Cinnamon teal, Brazilian duck, Red Shoveler, Rosy-billed pochard, White-faced whistling duck, Speckeld teal, Silver teal, Southern wigeon, White-cheeked pintail, Brown pintail and Cinnamon teal.

If mild temperatures, loads of ducks, and attentive service are things you would enjoy in an Argentina duck hunt, SYC Sporting is the outfitter for you.

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  1. Darren Brown says:

    What is the cost per person, how many days and hunts are included?

  2. Wayne Johnson says:

    Would like information about costs and availability for a Father, son hunt. Also cost if a non hunter came with

  3. Jose M. Barletta says:

    I would like to know the cost. Thanks

  4. Daniel shopher says:

    What are your rates for a father and son hunt and what is includes

    • Hello Daniel Shopher, good morning. In Argentina, February 12th and 13th are holidays for carnival. Tomorrow we will get in touch to provide you with all the information. For a faster response, you can also send us a WhatsApp message to the number +5493512515038 or email us at See you soon! Regards

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