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At its best, pigeon shooting in the US has never come close to what Cordoba Argentina has to offer. With year-round hunting, real high daily bag limits, and pigeons numbering into the millions, Argentina pigeon hunting offers a thrill all its own.

Along with doves, Cordoba province is home to large numbers of pigeons, which are mainly found in the mountains and Northern Provinces, so this is where we provide the beautiful hunting lodge, for your comfort and convenience.

Wild pigeons are both large and fast, which makes calculating their speed and lead a bit of a challenge. They’re highly wary, have excellent eye sight and a good memory for close calls with hunters. They’re also very agile, and have some wonderful, acrobatic, escape moves.

This makes hunting them more akin to decoying ducks than shooting doves. Well built blinds and good camouflage are necessary for hunting pigeon.

Our excellent guides are very familiar with the ways of the wild pigeon. They’ll build fresh, comfortable blinds, provide stools, non alcoholic beverages, and plenty of ammunition. They’ll also deploy the decoys to provide the best hunting experience for you.

Like doves, the season on pigeons is year round, but the best time is February through August, Argentina’s fall and winter. When you choose SYC Sporting Outfitters for your Argentina pigeon hunt, you can count on a first-class experience—but without the first-class price.

Remember, we can combine your pigeon shoot with other hunting packages offering you the ULTIMATE Argentina bird hunting adventure!

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