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New record! 15 doves in 42 seconds

At El Cortijo dove hunting lodge we had the visit of a dove hunters group from Arkansas. The group was integrated by Robert Lercher, Matthew Shook, Rodney Maine, Douglas Lien, Chad Radel, Keith Stotts, William Termaat, Dale Tiggelaar, Joey Cook and Robert Michaels.

Robert Lercher, the group leader, is an outstanding dove hunter from Arkansas who came with 9 friends from Arkansas and South Dakota. Mr. Lercher has exceeded the SyC record at El Cortijo of 15 doves.

The SyC record belonged to Nicolás Massoud from Chile with a record of 15 doves shot in 55 seconds. Robert Lecher overcame this record by shooting 15 doves in only 42 seconds. In Texas, the dove limit is of 15 birds in a whole day!

Congrats Robert! 

15 doves in 42 seconds | El Cortijo

Robert Lercher and Eduardo Martinez | El Cortijo

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On 18 September, 2014

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