Dove hunting in Córdoba

The season for dove hunting in Argentina

Córdoba is the second largest city in Argentina, and is located right at the geographical center of the country. Named after the famous Spanish city by Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera in 1573, Córdoba is home to the older university in Argentina, the National University of Córdoba, in additional to several historical monuments, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jesuit Block.

The city has a lot to offer, including literature, music, and a variety of festivals, and thus provides the perfect backdrop for a vacation. Furthermore, the delightful year round Córdoba weather means that you can choose to visit whenever you want. However, perhaps the greatest attraction on offer in the city is high volume dove hunting – and the season for bird hunting in Argentina is just open year round!

Hunt doves in Argentina

Why Go for Dove Hunting in Córdoba

You can hunt for doves and birds in plenty of regions around the world, yet nowhere else can you truly experience high volume dove hunting as you can in Córdoba. For unlike Texas, which imposes a daily bag limit on the number of doves, you can hunt to your heart’s content in Argentina. This is because unlimited dove hunting in Córdoba is possible due to the millions of birds present in the city.

The weather in Córdoba is ideally suited to the doves that roost among the many corn and soy bean fields, and have proven to pests as they eat up to 30% or more of everything that the farmers can produce. So, even if you hunt thousands of them each day, you will have barely affected their number, which currently stands at an estimated 100 million doves.

The Córdoba Dove Hunting Experience

There are a variety of experiences on offer in Córdoba, so you can enjoy a high volume dove hunt planned according to your specific likes and preferences. You can choose to come alone, of course, or you can bring your employees for a corporate event, or make a family trip out of it. You can also benefit from the father/child specials, where your son or daughter can hunt for absolutely free if they’re under 20 years of age. Contact us for more details and special promotions going on now!

Argentina dove hunting season

Our lodge, El Cortijo, is where you will stay for the duration of your dove hunting trip, and enjoy world class accommodations and service, in addition to the finest of Argentine cuisine.

Planning and Coordinating the Hunt

It is remarkably easy to plan a trip for dove hunting in Argentina, as there are plenty of routes leading to Córdoba, with flights from major airlines connecting through cities like Santiago, Chile, Panama City, and Buenos Aires. Furthermore, SyC Sporting offers the services of expert hunt coordinators who make dove hunting in Córdoba seem like a walk in the park.

So, start planning for the high volume dove hunt of a lifetime today, for this is an experience that you do not want to miss, neither will you ever forget it once you’ve had the distinct pleasure of enjoying it.

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