Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about dove hunting in Argentina.

Do you have Life and Accident Insurance?

No we don’t provide​, you need to contract and bring.

Are there any hidden costs?


You will only have to pay for your airfare, tips and additional shells. Gun rental is USD 65 per day or if you decide to bring your own gun you will have to pay for importation.

Can I bring my own shotgun?


United States: If you are traveling with guns, you should pre-register each gun taken out of the country. U.S. Customs Form 4457 is the one you will need to fill in, it is a certificate of registration for personal effects taken abroad. You will need to present your firearms for this procedure at any U.S. Customs office, at least one week before your trip. Please keep the original Form with your passport and put a copy in your gun case. This regulation applies only for re-entry into the United States. You will also need to check with the airline once you have your itinerary as they all have different regulations regarding traveling with guns.

Rest of the world: You will need to check with your country and also the airlines to see the regulation for traveling with guns.

How much does it cost to bring my own gun?

Currently the gun registration office will charge you USD 140 per gun.

Please be aware that for guns with interchangeable/extra sets of barrels, each barrel/ set will be charged as a separate gun.

Can I bring a non shooter with me?

Yes, you can! Non shooters are welcome and have a special rate.

Can I take the birds I hunt back home?

No, you can’t! This is a customs regulation.

Do I need to bring any special gear?

It’s not a must, but we allways suggest to bring your own ear plugs, hunting gloves, hat, etc.

Can I bring my own shells?

No, you can’t. This is a customs regulation.

Do you provide shells?

We do not provide the shells, please inquire about the price.

Do you provide guns?

Yes, we do! We have Beretta Urika 391 20 gauge.

Do you provide all drinks?

Yes, we do! We have a fine selection of Argentina wines and local hard liquor, beer, sodas, etc.

Are tranfers included in the hunting package price?

Yes, transfers from and to Cordoba airport are included.

Can you pick me up at the hotel?

Yes, but only in Cordoba city.

Do you take solo hunters?

Yes, we do! At El Cortijo dove hunting lodge.

Can I bring my dog?

It’s possible but we don’t recommend it. Dove hunting is really high volume and dog lose interest very soon.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes you need we don’t give covres of healt Isurance.

If I have a dietary restriction, can you adapt your menu for me?

Yes, we can. In order to do so we need to know about the details of your dietary needs in advance.

Can I bring my family?

Yes, we welcome shooters and non shooters.

Do you have single rooms?

Yes, we do, at an additional cost.

Do I need a passport to enter Argentina?

A valid Passport is necessary with at least 6 months remaining until expiration.

Do I need a visa to enter Argentina?

No. You do not need a visa to enter Argentina.

Will my cell phone work?

Yes Will Work.

Do you provide internet access?

Yes we have free WiFi at El Cortijo dove hunting lodge.

Is there a TV with channels in english?

Yes, we have a TV with DirecTV in El Cortijo’s living room.

Can SYC Sporting make a video of my trip?

Yes, we give that service but you have to ask for it in advance.

Is there a limit for dove hunting?

No, you can shoot as many doves as you like.

When does the dove season open?

Dove hunting season is open all year round.

Will you provide me a field assistant?

Yes, there will be a bird boy at the field all the time with you.

What type of shotguns do you have?

Benelli-Breda 20 Gauge.

How many guests can you accommodate at El Cortijo?

We can accommodate 20 guests in 10 double rooms with private bathrooms.

 If your question is not answered here do not hesitate to contact us

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