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Simple Tips to Prepare for Hunting Doves in Argentina

Whether this is your first time to hunt doves with SyC Sporting or you have been before, here are a few easy tips that will help to make your dove hunting an experience you will enjoy and will always remember. Choosing to head to Argentina is a great decision, as the country has millions upon millions of doves that you can hunt all year long with no limit!

Check the weather forecast and pack your clothes accordingly. Camouflage shirts, pants and hats are recommended. SyC Sporting offers daily maid and laundry service, so you can pack light. For footwear – bring tennis shoes or boots.

Additional gear

Earplugs or hearing protection
Shooting gloves
Recoil shoulder pads or shirts with it built in
Shooting pouch for shells or a shell vest
Light weigh rain jacket – you’ll never know when you need it
Insect repellant
Essential toiletries
Travel voltage converter – Electricity in Argentina is 220

Your stay at El Cortijo Lodge

El Coritjo is located within 10-20 minutes from the hunting grounds. With 9 first class guest rooms and accommodations available for up to 20 hunters. We understand your needs as hunters and El Cortijo offers not only complete and serene privacy for you unwind peacefully, but also space for group gatherings to reminiscence each day’s glory. Each room at El Cortijo is equipped with air conditioning and heating, features a private bath, comfortable double beds, and a view of the main house and pool.

Amenities at El Cortijo Lodge include top class daily maid service, laundry, and a business center equipped with a U.S phone service, computer, printer, and internet access with WiFi for wireless devices.

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On 19 December, 2014

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