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Dove Hunting in Córdoba: The Corporate Event | Business Retreat

Corporate events, though they have a history of being overlooked, have recently come to the fore as powerful tools that companies can employ to increase their chances of success. They may take a variety of form and sizes, such as trade shows, seminars, conferences, or various team building activities, but there is no doubt that they help contribute to a positive organizational culture, enhance employee morale, and provide a boost to productivity and overall performance.

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It is important to plan one carefully though, for a tedious and boring event will produce exactly the opposite results, and prove to be a considerable waste of both time and money on the company’s part. So, how do you make sure that your employees not only enjoy themselves at the corporate event, but return rejuvenated and ready to perform for you? Quite simply, take them on a trip for dove hunting in Córdoba, Argentina.

Everything Your Event Needs

Let’s start with the biggest advantage: the season for dove hunting in Córdoba lasts all year round, so you can plan your event at your own discretion, without being limited by constraints of time. Additionally, the packages that you can avail from outfitters such as SyC Sporting are designed to offer a lifetime’s worth of excitement, comfort, and relaxation, all bundled into a 3 to 4 day trip, ensuring that your employees are not away from the office for too long.

Furthermore, the dove hunts take place during the mornings and the afternoons, leaving you with plenty of time in the evenings to conduct business meetings, or for your employees to mingle with each other, and to get to know one another better. Of course, the hunts themselves offer a wonderful opportunity for team building, as the participants will coordinate with other team members, helping them form friendships, and a more cohesive workforce.

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However, that is not all that dove hunting in Córdoba has to offer, for there are luxurious accommodations and the finest in Argentine cuisine to be enjoyed at our El Cortijo lodge. The weather too, is brilliant throughout the year, and ideally suited to doves, so that there are always millions of birds to be found flying over the hunting fields – and unlike Texas, there are no daily limits to just how many doves you can hunt!

To Plan a Corporate Event

Córdoba is a city brimming with culture and history, and offers the perfect background for a quite refreshing business retreat. If you do decide to take a business group for dove hunting in Córdoba as your annual corporate event, and you should, then do consider getting in touch with an expert hunt coordinator, for they can make the logistics seem ridiculously easy for you.

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Outfitters like SyC Sporting do offer such services as a part of their package, in addition to an expert hunting coordinator who can take care of all the necessary travel and hunting arrangements for you. They will also provide you with the requisite gear and equipment, as well as ground transportation for the duration of your trip. So, the next time you feel your employees look a touch jaded, take them for a spot of dove hunting in Córdoba, Argentina, then sit back and reap the benefits as they deliver unprecedented levels of performance for your company.

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On 1 September, 2014

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