Tom Knapp and Eduardo Martinez

Tom Knapp | Remembering our friend Tom Knapp

Tribute to Tom Knapp

[September 30, 1950 – April 26, 2013]

It has been a year since the loss of our good friend Tom Knapp. Those of us who have had the priviledge to share good moments and hunting adventures will never forget him.
The SyC staff remembers Tom fondly and he will always be at the heart of each of us.
Mr. Knapp, whose exhibitions were sponsored by firearms manufacturers, was widely considered one of the most accomplished heirs to an American tradition defined in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows by Annie Oakley and A. H. Bogardus.
You know, Tom: The life of the hunter is very hard but it’s even harder since you’ve been gone. We will always miss you, my friend.
Eduardo Martinez

We also like to share with you this Tom Knapp tribute video:

Tom Knapp photos


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On 29 April, 2014

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  1. Ronald Larson says:

    I had the absolute pleasure and unbelievable experience to meet and watch Tom Knapp shoot in 2010. Its sad to know that he is gone. But he will never be forgotten. Now I need to go and shoot doves with syc sporting and my lifes dreams would be complete.

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