Larrie Grenz dove hunting

Dove hunters from Sacramento in Argentina

A group of dove hunters from Sacramento visited El Cortijo and had a great hunting adventure in Argentina. The group leader was Larrie Neil Grenz and he hunted doves with his friends Jared Lewis, Duane Kistner, Donald Walker, Richard Charles Simpson and Long Duc Vu.

It was the first time hunting doves in Argentina for some of the hunters in the group and they really loved the experience.  For Larrie this one was the second time hunting in Córdoba and he said he will be back to hunt doves with us.

Wonderful hunt, great staff. Food need some variety. Will be back no matter what!.
Long Duc Vu

My first time shooting birds! What a great experience. The staff and guides all saw to it. I (and my group) enjoyed my time here and made this an unforgettable experience.
Donald Walker

Best of the best. Will be back for a 3rd trip. Thank you to everyone that made this such a special trip.
Larrie Grenz

We thank Larrie for keep choosing SYC Sporting for his hunting adventures in Argentina.

Dove hunters from Sacramento

Dove hunters from Sacramento


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On 13 May, 2014

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