Texas hunters in Córdoba

Dove hunters from Texas in Cordoba

Last month we had visitors from Texas at El Cortijo hunting lodge. 12 hunters came to Córdoba to enjoy 3 full days hunting doves and helping control the dove infestation.

William Nerwich was the leader of the group and he came with his fellow hunters Thomas Smedley, James Joiner, Hugh Marks Dale, Kelson Richard Elam, William Phillip Brown, Frank Joiner, Danny Carl Holifield, Skutch Mason, Barry Casey, Jeff Brannon and Jerry Goodale.

The best shells / birds ratio was achieved by Barry Casey, he got an accuracy ratio of 69.58%!

Your concern for everyone’s enjoyment is wonderful!
Skutch Mason

Great place, food, hunting, friendly place and people.
Thomas Smedley

Excelent service, food and hunting. Great facilities and very little road time.
William Nerwich

It’s a great time in a great place, love to come back!
Phillip Brown

Quality all the way! This was a lifetime dream and SyC exceeded my expectations in all aspects.
Dan Holifield

Had a great time, good people, outstanding food and great birds.
Jim Joiner

The entire trip was even better than described. I am greatful that I was here and hope to be back soon!
Jeff Brannon

Birds are as advertised, staff is kind and helpful.
Barry Casey


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On 7 September, 2015

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