Australian hunters in Argentina

Dove hunters from Australia enjoying Córdoba

A few days ago we had a group of 5 hunters from Australia, it’s the second time they come to “El Cortijo” to help us with the dove infestation problem we have in Córdoba; it was a big help! Take a look at their hunting statistics:

Matthew Howden

Shells: 7350
Doves: 4752
Ratio: 64.65%
Record of doves in one day: 2061 on September 5

Richard Howden

Shells: 7075
Doves: 3846
Ratio: 54.36%
Record of doves in one day: 1228 on September 5

Mathew Cocks

Shells: 9375
Doves: 5603
Ratio: 59.77%
Record of doves in one day: 2168 on September 5

Frederick Rochow

Shells: 7325
Doves: 4772
Ratio: 65.15%
Record of doves in one day: 1240 on September 5

Marc Canavan

Shells: 9225
Doves: 5827
Ratio: 63.17%
Record of doves in one day: 2333 on September 5

Every hunter on the group got into our “1000 doves in a day” club, congratulations! The only downside is that now we have a beer shortage on the province because of them 🙂

It’s a long trip from Australia to Córdoba, we did our best to make sure that it’s worth it. This is their feedback:

This is the second year in a row we have come to El Cortijo, I’ve hunted all my life and this is by far the best and most enjoyable.
Matthew Howden

Enjoyed shooting, all staff were very helpful.
Paul Rochow

Un f***ing believable! Best ever!
Mathew Cocks

Wow! Wow! Wow! Beyond all expetactions.
Marc Canavan

We are eager to receive more dove hunters from Australia, we need all the help we can get to keep the doves pest in control.

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On 14 September, 2016

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