Pigeon hunt in Argentina

Hunting Pigeons in Argentina

Cordoba offers a scenic, rolling, and flat landscape that offers a thrilling wing shooting experience for pigeon hunting — whose season lasts the entire year as millions of pigeons flock to the mountains in the Northern Provinces of Cordoba. SYC Sporting Adventures offers pigeon hunting at the finest hunting grounds in Argentina.

The Cordoba Experience

With a bag limit of 200 per day, Argentina’s pigeon hunting offers a thrill of its own — and as millions of wild pigeons flock, flare, swerve and dodge through Argentina’s winds, the wing shooting experience, without a doubt, surpasses the shooting experience in the U.S.

Mainly found in the mountains, the wild pigeons in Cordoba should never be taken as easy prey because of their large size. The birds are highly wary of their surroundings, do not easily fall prey to improper decoy formation, have an excellent eye for misshapen dekes, and an excellent memory for close calls with hunters.

Pigeon hunting Argentina


In a phrase, these wild and colorfully vibrant birds naturally play with the hunters —their agile, and wonderfully powerful flares and marvelous feats of acrobatic escape moves keep the hunters engaged as waves of thrill rush and adrenaline courses through their veins.

All of this and more makes hunting pigeons in Cordoba more akin to decoying ducks than shooting doves.

Argentina Pigeon Hunting Season

Like doves, the season on pigeons is year round, but the best time is February through August, Argentina’s fall and winter. When you choose SYC Sporting Adventures for your Argentina pigeon hunt, you can count on a first-class experience.

A Very “Cordobaic” Pigeon Hunt

Good camouflage is essential but insufficient for baiting the pigeons in your range. The hunters must gain a firm grasp of the way pigeons behave and at different times of the days — at SYC Sporting Adventures we fast forward the learning curve of our clients with guides who are well-versed in “Cordobaic” pigeon lore and very familiar with the ways of the wild pigeon. Hunting pigeons in Cordoba is like hunting ducks without getting in the water. We’ll deploy the decoys to provide the best hunting experience for you and with SYC Sporting Adventures we’ll be sure to make your pigeon hunting enjoyable.

Argentina pigeon hunting


Hunting near the El Pucará Lodge

Overlooking the rolling mountain hills of Cordoba, is a 3-hectare park with a large grove, a canal gushing through its length, and a small lake taken over by ducks, geese and turkey. This is our El Pucará lodge — a place specially designed for relaxation after a thrilling pigeon hunt and from where you can see how the sun sets on the majestic mountains of Cordoba alight with hues of magenta and brilliant red every morning.

The hunting ground is a few minutes’ walk to the fields where the birds feed, near watering holes, occasionally near a large roost, and often near feedlots where the pigeons find grain easy to come by. Sometimes, if the season is right, a hunter can have a great shoot in the olive groves, as olives are a favorite food of the pigeons, and the olive farmers welcome you.

Pigeon hunt Argentina


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