Hunting doves in Córdoba

Hunting doves in Córdoba

SYC Sporting Adventures offers one of the most exciting and rewarding experience available for the wing-shooter where they can easily forge lifelong memories over the high volume barrel burning action-packed shooting adventure.

The delightful climate of Córdoba houses great feasts across its landscapes for Zenaida Auriculata —Argentinean doves that never migrate and soar through the air in droves of several million. Reproducing up to four times a year, they posed a great threat to corn, sorghum, wheat, and peanuts — the grain crops that dot the fields interspersed with dense hillsides— until the government allowed hunters the opportunity to experience the incredible game throughout the year!

Cordoba dove hunting

A Decade of Incredible Game

Annually, doves can easily consume 30% or more of the local grain crops. Hunting seasons allow an enjoyable method of not only dealing with this concern but at the same time allow hunters a great sporting opportunity.
With over 50 million doves residing in the province, Córdoba has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for dove hunting over the past decade. Add to this the fact that dove hunting is a necessity for the people as well as the government and you can understand why the two hunting seasons every year are a feast for new and old gamers alike.

Córdoba as a Natural Hunting Ground

The province of Córdoba has become a destination for dove hunting primarily because feeding 50 million doves is simply an impossible feat. The doves demand about 30% from the annual crops and the simplest way was to let in the adventurous hunters into the equation — you’ll have incredible games daily while the doves naturally keep their population in check.

dove hunting

The Hunting Seasons

Argentina dove season lasts all year long and due to the volume of birds there is no bag limit. The hunting season reaches its peak during the harvesting season that lasts from April to July every year where each morning the hunters at take to the grain fields for a great game — morning, noon, and afternoon!

This is followed directly by the roosting season starting August through to February during which the birds travel from and to different roosting areas. It is a time when hunters can expect to see several million birds each day and as a result enjoy incredible shooting opportunities. This also allows hunters to practice various kinds of shots — it is a common practice to hear people boast of shelling 1,000 or more a day. The record at our lodge, El Cortijo, stands at 5480 doves, achieved February 2014. Our hunting fields are within 15-20 minutes of the lodge, all your time will be spent doing what you came for HUNTING.

El Cortijo dove hunting

Hunting near Santa Rosa de Río Primero

SYC Sporting Adventures’ lodge, El Cortijo, is located approximately 45-minutes from Córdoba International Airport. We will pick you up from the airport and depending on the time of your arrival, your first hunt could be within a few shorts hours from landing in Córdoba. Our hunting fields are a 15-20 minutes drive from the lodge — SYC Sporting Adventures offers a unique opportunity for hunters because of its strategic location. The hunting fields are agricultural plain that is abound in corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and soy bean— a ready feast for doves and hence for the hunters.

SYC Sporting Adventures allows hunters a prime location that is not only close to the dove roosts, feed and water but is situated direct in line of their air corridors.

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