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Another amazing record: 4867 doves in one day!

March 6th was an incredible day at El Cortijo lodge, Jose Carlos Povoa Amaro got an amazing record, he shot 4867 doves in just 1 day. That day he had an accuracy of 74,88% and the group spent the whole day in the hunting field in order to get the record.

The group is from Portugal and their leader is Jose Franco, they had a great time hunting doves in Cordoba and they also enjoyed one day of pigeon hunting. Every hunter in the group managed to get into our “1000 doves in 1 day club”. Congratulations to Jose Carlos and all the hunters in his group!

Doves are considered a pest here in Córdoba, thanks Jose Carlos for your help fighting the doves infestation!

Think you can beat that record? contact us!

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On 8 March, 2018

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