Duck hunting in Argentina

Duck hunting, partridge hunting and pigeon hunting

This is the sixth time we have the pleasure of welcoming the group of hunters led by Vince Furrie. This time Vince was accompanied by Joe Hall, Dale Schulz and Anthony Genuardi Valdyn. Eduardo and the entire SyC Sporting team consider them already being part of the SyC family due to their frequent visits to Argentina.

The hunting adventure in Argentina began in Buenos Aires while they hunted ducks for four days. The weather was really nice and it allowed them to demonstrate their skills in duck hunting with decoy. With Eduardo Martinez’s company, the hunters enjoyed all the facilities at the duck hunting lodge in Buenos Aires. They ended their stay in Buenos Aires by hunting partridge while drinking some delicious champagne.

The next part of the adventure was to hunt pigeon in Córdoba together with Eduardo. They were able to hunt pigeon with a beautiful view of the Córdoba Mountains. During the hunt, they were delighted by some exquisite pork, provolone cheese and amazing Malbec wine.

Two members of this group brought their own guns from the U.S. and were assisted by SyC for the gun entry procedure. It really is a pleasure to watch how experienced hunters are able to appreciate both shooting and hunting. We know that we will have the honor of receiving them next year and will be expecting them with the best hunting in Argentina, as always.


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On 16 June, 2014

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