Tom Knapp

Our friend Tom Knapp passed away in 2013, all the SYC Sporting family felt it was a big loss. We miss our friend and we will keep treasuring all the fond memories we have about him and his trips to El Cortijo.

Opinion of Tom Knapp about El Cortijo dove hunting lodge

Hi Everybody it’s Tom Knapp, Being the Wing-Shooter I am, I had to try at least one “High Volume” dove hunt in Argentina. I paid particular attention to the amount of effort and money it would take to arrange this sort of hunting trip. Here’s where it gets difficult to explain… there are few words that can be used to make you understand the value that one receives when booking a hunt with SYC Sporting Adventures. All Said, the quality of their facilities, the attention given to EACH hunter, the food, drink, equipment, and hospitality all fall under the category of Unexplainable Pleasure!
The price of their hunting package was less than expected for such exposure to the Fine Life. The shooting — Not Possible To Exaggerate! Bring your loading gloves, white athletes’ tape for your loading thumb, and TWO Guns! Just be careful to not over-do it on the first shoot and end up with a sore shoulder.
You’ll be mad if you end up watching your buddies shoot because you’re too sore to shoot! I’m Tom Knapp and take it from me, You need to try it because it’s difficult to explain. It’s completely Over The Top!!!

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  1. Roger Wolfe says:

    I can’t book a hunt just now.
    But, please keep me on your email list—I do plan to book a hunt in the future.

    Thank you.
    Roger Wolfe

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