San Miguel – Ducks lodge

San Miguel

Ducks lodge

The lodge is located one hour’s drive from the International Airport of Buenos Aires and has 6 first class rooms. The lodge has a stunning park with old trees and amazing views, a swimming pool, polo court and a comfortable room to relax. We are well-known for our gourmet cuisine; typical Argentina dishes that include our grilled meat and vegetables grown on our own organic farm. The lodge provides the best duck hunting the world has to offer, complemented with fine service, cuisine and hospitality, that will make you wish you had come here sooner!

The lagoons where the duck hunts are taken place are very near the lodge, allowing each hunter to return for lunch at the lodge and then go back out for a new hunting adventure in the afternoon.

The cuisine, the fine wines from the Mendoza region and the always friendly Argentine people make this foray to South America an all-time favorite of much of the international wing shooting community.

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5 Responses to San Miguel – Ducks lodge

  1. Marcelo Fernández says:

    Where is the place located?
    How much is dayly cost?
    How many ducks per excursión ?
    How many days in the program?

  2. Rod Staggs says:

    I just returned from a Duck Hunt. It was a trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend it!!!!

    • Rod Staggs says:

      Actually it was so good I came back this year again 2016. Bad knee (torn Meniscus) and all nothing was going to keep me from enjoying this trip AGAIN! Call me if you have questions 307 587-7845.

  3. Rod Staggs says:

    Looks great. I hope to come back for another Duck Adventure in June 2016!!

  4. Rod Staggs says:

    We are booked for June 21-26 2016. Looking forward to it.

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