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Dove hunters from England hunting in Argentina

At El Cortijo dove hunting lodge we received a big group of hunters from England. 10 hunters that enjoyed hunting doves and pigeon, told us they had an amazing experience! Stuart Pape was the leader of the group and he came with his fellow hunters Garry Shepherd, Gary Owen, Scott Fallon, Hugh Wyatt, John Pinkney, Barry Pittaway, Robin Tallentire, Mark Little and David Dixon.

Seven members of the group got into our 1,000 doves a day club! The top record was for Barry Pittaway who shot 2,041 doves in one day. All of the members of this group have shown their hunting skills shooting doves and pigeon and shot more than 50 thousands shells throughout their stay.

The experience of Argentina has been amazing! People and staff were very friendly and welcoming. Shooting out of this world. We must come again! Thank you from all the boys.
Stuart Pape

Barry Pittaway receiving his medal

Barry Pittaway receiving his medal


The group of dove hunters

The group of dove hunters

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On 19 May, 2014

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