Group from Club de Tiro y Caza Calquin

We are happy to say that once again we have received guests from Chile, this time is a group from “Club de Tiro  y Caza Calquin“, the leader Marcelo Raggi and part of the group has hunted with us before and part of the members have visited El Cortijo for the first time to hunt doves.

We are glad to say that in this group we had three generations of hunters in the same family: Sergio Raggi, Marcelo Raggi and Lorenzo Raggi.

In this last visit the group shot around 16.000 doves in 2 days. Several members of the team are now part of the 1.000 doves club and their names are in our dove hunting records board.

It’s always a pleasure to see a big group of dove hunters get along, specially when there is a big age gap between them.

We want to say thanks for the visit and we hope to see them again at El Cortijo dove hunting lodge.

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On 30 October, 2013

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