How to pay the Reciprocity Fee

“Reciprocity Fee” is a requirement of admission to visit the country. It only applies to citizens visiting from Canada.

This is a tutorial that will guide you step by step into the process needed to pay the reciprocity fee via credit card. This is the ONLY way to pay the reciprocity fee.

Be aware that you need to pay this fee BEFORE entering Argentina.

How to pay the Reciprocity Fee – Step by step tutorial


1. Enter the website

2. Fill in the form, once the form is filled click the “Sign Up” button.

reciprocity fee argentina


3. Form will refresh, in the next form select “gender” and then click the “add” button.

reciprocity fee argentina


4. Now you have the option to fill in another passenger information if you would like to pay for his reciprocity fee too. In this example we will not do that, so you just have to scroll till you find de “pay” button and click it.

reciprocity fee argentina


5. Verify that the information entered is correct and then click “accept”.

reciprocity fee argentina


6. Click the checkbox accepting the terms and conditions, select your credit card and then click “continue”.

reciprocity fee argentina


7. Enter your credit card information and hit “send”

reciprocity fee argentina


8. If everything is ok you will get a receipt with a bar code, PRINT IT.

reciprocity fee argentina



Use Google Chrome browser
Disable pop-up protection
Keep your receipt with your passport
The receipt has a validity of 10 years

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On 23 September, 2013

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