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On 30 May, 2013

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  1. jeffrey carroll says:

    What is the price of additional shells

  2. felipe martinez says:

    i would like to know prices from february to june, also the extra day for shooting.
    finally a 4 day package of pigeons and doves.
    what is the limit on pigeons daily or for half a day.
    please send me email,

  3. Danny Updike says:

    do you have gun rental?

  4. rb says:

    Gun rental is included? What kind of gun? What is the avg. total cost for 3 days?

  5. Zack Steimel says:

    What’s an average estimate on how many shells a person will use over the 3 days?

    • Zack, when hunting ducks the bag limit is 25 per day and in the afternoon you may hunt doves or partridges; there’s no bag limit for doves but 15 per day is the limit in partridges. The days you hunt partridges in the afternoon you’ll need no more than 100 shells per day, when shooting doves in the afternoon around 400 shells per day.

  6. Robert Slack says:

    What is the peak time of year to do a duck / dove hunt combo?

  7. Jon Rascoe says:

    How cold does it get during the duck season?

  8. John Webb says:

    Is there a masseuse at the lodge for the arms after the hunt?

  9. Ben Robinson says:

    I see you offer 20ga shotguns. If we bring our own guns do you provide 12ga shells.

  10. Stan Perry says:

    Eduardo, I am assuming it is customary to tip the guide, the bird boy, the maid and the chef. Anyone else? How much is a nice tip for good service for each?

    • Suggested tips are USD 40 per day for the bird boy and USD 50 per day for the lodge staff. For the whole itinerary will be USD 120 for the bird boy and USD 150 for the staff, that’s it. Everyone will give a great service no matter the tip; tips are paid at the end of the hunting adventure.

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